What the Foundation Does


Since 2001 we have been attracting private sector and corporate funding for conservation in New Zealand. We offer prudent fund management, transparency, assurance and accountability for those looking to invest private money in New Zealand’s natural heritage.

We do this by:

  • holding and investing donated monies, which are distributed to New Zealand based conservation projects that meet our investment criteria.
  • monitoring, measuring and reporting on the outcomes achieved.

Our approach emphasises honesty and integrity, astute investment and financial accountability.

We manage funds strictly in accordance with our published Statement of Investment Priorities and Outcomes.

The Foundation’s services offer complete separation between philanthropic and private sector funding and the New Zealand Government’s expenditure on conservation.

We are reliant on the contributions of many donors to fund our vitally important work

Contributors range from large multi national and New Zealand corporates to schools, families and individuals. If you would like to support our work please use the payment option below to connect to our PayPal account to make a donation.

The Foundation is an IRD authorized donee organization and you will receive a formal receipt for your donation in due course.   Thank you for your generosity.

Jewelled gecko

New Zealand status: Endemic (found only in New Zealand)
Population: Decreasing
Conservation status: At risk
Found in: Otago and Canterbury, on the southeast of the South Island

The jewelled gecko varies in colour and pattern more than any other New Zealand gecko.

It occurs over 50,000 square kilometres, but its distribution within this area is severely fragmented. Jewelled geckos are often targeted by wildlife smugglers.

All species give birth to live young, typically twins. This makes them virtually unique in the gecko family – only one species outside New Zealand (from New Caledonia) reproduces this way.