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Pure Salt Long Island Restoration Project

Long Island is a beautiful 2000ha island in the Tamatea/Dusky Sound area of Fiordland.  Unfortunately, Tamatea/Dusky Sound is in danger, mainly due to a rapidly growing introduced predator population.  However, with help and support it could be a thriving habitat for our most treasured native flora and fauna.  It also has potential to be a source of endangered species with which to re-populate conservation sites across New Zealand.

Pure Salt NZ, a Fiordland based adventure charter boat business, is passionate about conservation and the overall vision for Tamatea/Dusky Sound to be one of the earth's most intact ecosystems. 

They have seen the decline first-hand and decided they didn’t want to sit back and look on; they wanted to ensure more resources get to Tamatea in an effective and strategic way to help towards the overall vision.  They wanted to ensure that work is progressed quickly and effectively with the latest and most effective methods, before any more species disappeared. 

The Long Island project aims to protect vulnerable native species on the Island by addressing the main problem, damaging non-native predators, such as stoats and rats.  In practical terms, Pure Salt’s goal is to reduce this predator population to undetectable levels to enable future translocations of missing species.  This means the introduction of the latest technology e.g. GoodNature A24 self re-setting traps, in a grid formation across the island.  These traps have been very successful on Mamaku/Indian Island and the learning from this project has informed the plans for effective implementation on Long Island. 

The project is an important strategic initiative as it will not only help to bring about a thriving island from fast decline, it will also support the protection and flourishing of its wider landscape – a key catalyst for wider conservation and environmental impact.  Pure Salt have developed this project in collaboration with the Department of Conservation’s Tamatea Project to ensure all work in the region is delivered with a co-ordinated and joined up vision for long term protection of one of our country’s greatest natural landscapes. 


How can you help.

You can donate to the Pure Salt Indian Island Project here.