Present Projects


Pure Salt Indian Island/Mamaku Restoration Project

Pure Salt NZ, a Fiordland based adventure charter boat business, is passionate about conservation and the overall vision for Tamatea/Dusky Sound to be one of the earth's most intact ecosystems, and a source of endangered species with which to re-populate conservation sites without New Zealand. Pure Salt has initiated a project to remove rats from Indian Island/Mamaku in Dusky Sound in order to protect vulnerable native species on the Island as well as to reduce the risk of rats swimming to nearby rat-free Islands.

Indian Island was previously declared predator free. However, it was reinvaded by rats in 2015/16. Pure Salt’s goal is reduce the rat population to undetectable levels to enable future translocations of native species and play it’s part in the overall restoration.

The work is being done using a grid network of GoodNature A24 self re-setting traps on an approximate 100 x 100 grid across the island. Over 17km of tracklines need to be cut in order to establish and maintain the 200 traps needed.

The first trip to begin the project work on the island took place on 26-30 October 2018 based on the Pure Salt vessel M.V Flightless. This trip was highly successful and installed 40 Goodnature A24 traps and 6 rat monitoring lines, so that the team can gather data and track the progress of the project.

Pure Salt is working in collaboration with the Department of Conservation’s Tamatea Project


How can you help.

You can donate to the Pure Salt Indian Island Project here. Your donation will be used to buy trapping or monitoring equipment.